Swk103- social work & deviant behavior

 Lesson 7 Discussion A

Application of Theory: Provide two examples to your classmates on how the Labeling theory explains deviant behavior. There is no minimum length, just be sure to provide two examples with explanations. 

Lesson 7 Discussion B

Is deviance simply a consequence of labels and the labeling process? Explain your answer and support it with examples. 

This discussion should be a minimum of 1 page (250 words). 

Lesson 8 Discussion 

Rank the following deviant acts on a scale of 1 (least deviant) to 10 (most deviant) and respond to the questions at the end.
_____ Stealing food from a grocery store to feed your family
_____ Illegally downloading a song to play as a DJ where you would get paid
_____ Killing a man who is found to be responsible for the death of your child
_____ A woman who sexually assaults a man at a party
_____ Using one’s status as CEO to control the flow of profits to your own bank account
_____ Buying a DVD copy of a bootleg theater film on the street
_____ Buying a PlayStation 5 and attempting to resell it for twice the original cost.
_____ Coming to this country without proper documentation
_____ Leaving a dog in a car on a hot day
_____  A doctor who influences patients to use a pharmaceutical for personal benefit

1. Which of these norm violators would be least likely to escape any stigma associated with knowledge of their deviant act? Why?
2. Which of these norm violators, if never caught, would be most likely to continue violating this norm, and transition from a label of primary to secondary deviant?
No minimum length but be sure to fully explain your answers to the two questions. 

Lesson 8 Assignment

How does stigma affect individuals with mental health issues? In what ways can we help end mental health stigma? 

Use outside resources (at least two) to support your paper. 

The minimum length is 1 page, APA is required. 


(Clair, M. (2018). Stigma. Harvard University. https://scholar.harvard.edu/files/matthewclair/files/stigma_finaldraft.pdf