Soc203- race & minority groups

Lesson 7 Discussion 

After you complete this unit’s readings and videos, think about the second video’s presentation of class definition. Max Weber’s idea of class is more about the opportunities available to a person, not so much the work that they do. Do you agree with this idea more than Marx’s definition of class? Also, why do you think that it is so difficult to agree on definitions of class in the United States?


Lesson 8 

Thus far in this class, we’ve been focused on sociologically defining marginalized groups within the United States, as well as attempting to understand a bit of each group’s history. One of the most important ways that a person can demonstrate cultural competence is to be educated. That’s saying that it’s vital to try to understand how a person’s history affects their identity, which in turn affects their opportunities and sense of personal agency.

Now it’s time for you to apply what you’ve learned so far. There are groups of minorities that we have not had the opportunity to discuss. Please choose a group that we’ve not discussed yet and address the following issues:

· A brief overview of this group’s American history.

· A brief overview of this group’s treatment in the United States.

· Why would you define this group as a “minority”?

· What is this group’s relationship with a class and/or poverty?

· Could this group’s relationship with class/poverty relate to intersectionality? Why or why not?

Please use standard APA format for headings and citations to address the following writing prompt. Your response should be a minimum of two pages, but no more than four pages. 


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