Relational communication | Social Science homework help

Relational Advice Vlog

Part I- In 250-500 words, write out a brief description of a scenario in which someone is having trouble understanding the role of context, emotion, or listening in a relationship. It doesn’t have to be a conflict, just a situation that could benefit from your advice based upon what you have learned in class. Your inspiration for the situation could come from your own life or from a situation about which you were told by a friend, coworker, family member, or even acquaintance.

Part II- In a video blog post of 5-7 minutes, respond to the situation with your advice. In the advice you provide:

1. Incorporate what you have learned about the role of context (background, personality, worldview, culture), emotion, and listening in relationships.

2. Include a clear introduction, summarizing the key ideas that you will address in your vlog post.

3. Include a clear set of recommendations about the expression of emotions and active listening, both in how to think about the issue as well as what to do/how to behave.

4. Include a clear conclusion with a clear summary of key ideas and call to action.

Include a minimum of two sources to support the advice you give.

This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

Submit your 250-500-word scenario in a WORD document with the link for your video clearly visible


 Read Chapter 4 and 7 in Reflect & Relate: An Introduction to Interpersonal Communication.


Read “The Role of Listening in Interpersonal Influence,” by Ames, Maissen, & Brockner, from Journal of Research in Personality (2012).


 Read “The Science and Sanity of Listening,” by Cline, from A Review of General Semantics (2013).


Read “Are You Listening to Me?: Communication and Boundaries Between Students and Their Parents,” by Rosenberger, from About Campus (2011).


For additional information, the following is recommended: “Defining Social Listening: Recognizing an Emerging Dimension of Listening” by Stewart & Arnold, International Journal of Listening (2018).


For additional information, the following is recommended: “The Impact of Mindfulness on Empathy, Active Listening, and Perceived Provisions of Emotional Support” by Jones, Bodie, & Hughes, Communication Research (2019).


For additional information, the following is recommended: “Tailoring Emotions in Romantic Relationships: A Person-Centered Approach” by Benson, Cavallo, & Daljeet, Journal of Research in Personality (2020).


 For additional information, the following is recommended: “Relationship Context and Emotion Regulation Across the Life Span” by Lindsey, from Emotion (2020).