Incident at morales | Electrical Engineering homework help

1. List the ethical issues you observed in Incident at Morales.

2. From your personal perspective, prioritize these ethical issues from most critical to least critical.

3. Discuss the movie from three additional perspectives:

a) Fred’s Perspective: Assume you are Fred.

i. What specific ethical issues do you face?

ii. What are some things that you should consider?

iii. From whom or where should you seek guidance?

b) Wally’s Perspective: Assume you are Wally.

i. What specific ethical issues does Wally face?

ii. What do you think Wally’s motivation was for having “One Rule”?

iii. What do you think about Wally’s “One Rule”?

iv. What decisions would you change if you were Wally?

c) Responsibility Perspective: If you were in charge and had the authority and the funding to make any changes you wanted to make in your company policies:

i. What specific steps would you take to improve the company culture?

ii. Who would you involve in this process?

iii. How and when would you communicate the company policies to:

(a) Your employees?

(b) Your clients?

(c) The public?