Current international hr practices | Management homework help


Expanding operations into an international market increases the complexity of HR management, introducing a range of legal and cultural and language issues. How can an organization evaluate and plan to overcome the HR challenges?


Your Task

You are reporting to the firm’s Global HR lead. The team is developing a collateral piece that addresses the challenges and opportunities of doing business internationally. You have been assigned to contribute two points to that deliverable. In additional to reading this module, the lead has asked you to do some research on current international HR practices.

Your task is to prepare a 1–2-page paper that identifies two challenges to doing business internationally and how those challenges might be addressed. For each challenge, cite a Human Resource best practice—that is, an example of a practice that is particularly effective. The best practices you cite can be drawn from the readings or supplemental research.

Total length of the assignment – 11/2 pages, 12 font size, 1.5 space