A paper focusing on novel materials (not pretty difficult, just for

In MSE 2010 we talk about several general classes of materials: metals, polymers, ceramics, glasses and composites. We know that these are just the basic categories and we’ve discussed several specific examples, but this is nowhere near an exhaustive list of the novel and unique materials being researched and developed. The purpose of this assignment is to get you thinking about how vast the field of materials science is through an in-depth exploration of one of these exciting topics. You will answer questions connected to topics covered in lecture and recitation, and use your engineering mindset for potential applications. Suggested questions and format can be found on the next page.

Topic Choices:

Metallic glasses

Conductive polymers

Ceramic matrix composites

 Mg Alloys

 Ni-based super alloys

Superhydrophobic surfaces/ coatings

Carbon nanotubes