3-2 stepping stone lab two: data types | information technology | Southern New Hampshire University

 As you are learning, data types can move from the simple to complex as we construct programs designed to solve problems. The second stepping stone lab presents an opportunity for you to create primitive data types then use them to construct the more complex forms of strings and arrays as you begin to develop code for a recipe manager program.

Starting with Stepping Stone Lab Two and continuing to the last stepping stone lab in Module Six, you will develop code for the program described in the Stepping Stone Overview document. You will start with a simple structure and gradually build in additional complexity and functionality. The overview also illustrates steps for completing and submitting these labs.

The stepping stone labs constitute a foundation upon which you will build the program you will submit for your final project. Most of the stepping stone labs outline the additional requirements for revising and expanding the concepts in the stepping stone labs as you work on the final project.

Go to the Start Here page and download the Stepping Stone code .zip for the starter code for this assignment.

To complete this assignment, review the following documents: